The Great Outdoors

Santa Feans love the outdoors and movies, so when the Banff Mountain Film Festival bring the two worlds together for two nights at the Lensic Performing Arts Center, we take notice. The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity holds the world-renowned film festival annually with a tour that travels to 40 countries and 550 communities and, for 22 years, the Mountain Film Festival has found its way to Santa Fe through the help and organization of the Santa Fe Conservation Trust.

Out of over 400 total submissions, 16 were chosen to play at the two-night local version of the event. "Some of them are high-adrenaline," the Santa Fe Conservation Trust's Joanne Smogor, who oversees the fest, says. "Some of them are environmental with animals, some of them are 'solo journeys' out into the wilderness—it's a real mix." This includes anything from three-minute shorts about surfing to hour-long pieces about travelers in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Banff Centre and the Conservation Trust choose movies based on feedback from other locations that hold the fest and what they believe is suitable for a Santa Fe audience.

"What makes this film festival really different," Smogor continues, "is the quality of the show, the diversity of the films and the energy." This two-night festival always sells out, so don't procrastinate getting your tickets.

"You are going to feel this energy level," Smogor says. "Not only are there high-adrenaline films, but they're inspiring. Anybody who loves the outdoors in any way and even those who don't … people walk out inspired." (Juan Mendoza)

Banff Mountain Film Festival: 
7 pm Monday and Tuesday March 12 and 13. $18-$32.
Lensic Performing Arts Center,
211 W San Francisco St.,

Get Woke to Women

Courtesy Ariel Gore

Arts and poetry, when derided, are pejoratively called "girly"—yet canons are full of nothing but Y chromosomes. Huh. Let's fix that. In celebration of International Womens Day, three New Mexican poets (Barbara Robidoux, Luci Tapahanso and Isabel Ribe) read from their work, and afterward, author Ariel Gore (her latest is We Were Witches) hosts a conversation about the role of the poet in this batshit-insane political zeitgeist. Of the poets, "each one combines social activism with writing in their own unique way," Gore tells SFR in an email. "Staying engaged can feel so overwhelming right now … but they know what it means to be in it for the long haul, to quietly keep working to save who and what we love." (Charlotte Jusinski)

International Womens Day: Honoring Women Poets:
6 pm Thursday March 8. Free.
Collected Works Bookstore and Coffeehouse,
202 Galisteo St.,

And Very Good Boys All

Courtesy Elsworth Gallery

The rez dog may be the supreme symbol of reservation life; the dogs, through no fault of their own, are abandoned, ignored and maligned—but not in the hands of artist Chaz John (Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska/Mississippi Band of Choctaw). The Institute of American Indian Arts student celebrates completion of a month-long artist residency at Ellsworth Gallery in which he created intricate paintings in dog-friendly hues; Rez Dogs are tender but raw renderings of the canines of the reservation in a celebratory spirit, hung at a level that dogs can best enjoy them. And, yes, dogs are welcome (there will be snacks). John aims to create art for the curs of the world, every bit glorious but never properly exalted. (CJ)

Chaz John: Rez Dogs:
5 pm Friday March 9. Free.
Ellsworth Gallery,
215 E Palace Ave.,

Yo, Albert!

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Once upon a time, The Strokes practically ruled the indie rock world with their glammy throwback NYC rock stylings. These days, however, guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. is really all about doing his own thing (not that that's news). Take Francis Trouble, his fourth solo record, which drops this very week. It's familiar enough for Strokes fans to feel right at home, but with a more riffy and mature take on good old-fashioned guitar-rock tunes laden with Hammond's unmistakable signature sound. He'll be at Meow Wolf this week in support of the album, so good news for fans of bands with guitars. (Alex De Vore)

Albert Hammond Jr.: 
7 pm Sunday March 11. $15.
Meow Wolf,
1352 Rufina Circle,